GR20 Corsica 2024

One of the best Trail Runnings in the world

The GR20 Trail Running route runs along mountainous routes from coast to coast on the Mediterranean island. The route is described as one of the best Trail Running routes in the world. The route often runs at an altitude of 2,000 meters, from which there are wonderful views of the Corsican maritime mountains. The route is one of the most difficult GR routes in Southern Europe and is divided into two sections between Calenza and Vizzavona and between Vizzavona and Conca. The length of the entire route is 180 km and 12,000 m of ascent, which requires running training and good preparation.

Your next running goal?

Join one of the world’s longest Trail Running races next summer. Now is a good time to start running training, and what better motivates you to train than a good running goal in great scenery. In the Mediterranean, the sun will definitely shine at the beginning of June, and the warm weather is most suitable for running at the beginning of June.

GR20, Corsica, 7 days, 1 – 7 June 2024

A 7 day Trail Running end to end in maritime Corsica island. A Good Challenge, 168 km/12 vkm, for Running Athletes.

€1000 EUR




Running Guide


Trail Running program


Aimed at Running Athletes

– 2 – 15 participants

Trail Running Route

– 168 km / 12 vkm in the mountains of Corsica Island

– Uphills by hiking, downhills by running

– Highest point 2100 m

– Difficulty level: Difficult

– Best time from July to September

Trail Running Gears


– Meeting at Bastia (BIA) airport on June 1 at 18:00