Jeep Mountain Filming

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. I am doing something with Jeep Rubicon, paraglides, drones, camp fires and ice axes. It takes about three – four years.

Do you wanna see some cool videos?

The Future Style of Mountaineering is coming. The coolest style in the mountains with ice axes, paraglides and nice mountain cars gives excellent possibilities for commercial cooperation.

Follow the mountain filming project

I am taking steps towards mountain filming. Creating skills takes time in the mountains and especially doing everything together; mountain film planning, ideas, editing etc. I have all cameras and climbing and mountain running skills. The next step is start to paragliding and mountain filming with friends, who have same goal.

Red Bull, The North Face, Adidas, You?

Some interesting brands have own sponsored professional alpinist, who are developing climbing, paragliding and mountain filming skills for the commercial partner. If you want to get some attention on social media platforms, you should follow Red Bull, North Face and Adidas. The first get the best visibility on social media. I know how this works, trends comes from mountains.

Partnership – Take a contact

If you want to got more visibility on social media, take a contact. Together we can discuss about possibilities and goals, how to do it in Alps, Himalayas, The Rocky Mountains or Arctic Norway.

I am looking a drone cameraman

Next step after paragliding skills is to find a drone cameraman or two, who are interested to spend some weeks in the mountains in next years. Alps gives a lot of possibilities for drone pilot, who is interested to film rock and ice climbing, paragliding and Jeep footages. After filming day we tend camp fire and edit videos and talk about mountain filming ideas for next filming day.