High Altitude Climbing Gears, Storages and Logistics

I will write about this broad topic with pictures as I prepare for my next Himalaya Expedition












There are no oxygen bottles

The difference between Himalayan and Alpine mountaineering equipment

Different equipment is needed for steep and high altitudes

Two options in Himalayan mountaineering

Systems thinking in the construction of upper mountain camps

Strong upper mountain camps

Light and Fast Alppi-tyyli solo-kiipeilyssä

Expedition Logistics System

Equipment procurement process step-by-step

Mountaineering equipment procurement, testing and integration process

Logistics System step-by-step

Logistics network and warehouses

Professional training in the Alps, mountaineering in the Himalayas requires stocks

Logistics chain to the top

International freight

Black Swan

1. Everest Base Camp Village

Himalaya Base Camp

A mountain climbing village of 2,000 inhabitants

Hospital, helipad, restaurants, communication tents, warehouses, …

Home in the Himalayas

Lots of gear

Recovery from rotations in the upper mountains

Systems thinking

2. High Altitude Camp System

The equipment system is different on different mountains

C1 – C2 – C3 – C4

3. Climbing Gears on the Summit Ridge (Summit Gears)

Each kilogram on the summit ridge is equivalent to five kilograms of weight

Gramma’s filing

Functionality vs. Performance

Fight against oxygen consumption

A storm on the summit ridge could be fatal

Resting before performing 100 hours

4. Energy, Body heat and Hydration

Energy, water, movement and heat

20 hours of mountain climbing on the summit ridge

In a snowstorm in a tent at an altitude of 7100 meters

In the heat at an altitude of 6300 meters

At Base Camp

Maintaining functional capacity

Muscle energy level and surviving a blizzard

Hydration on the summit ridge and Mountain sickness

Kettle and tent at 8000 meters

Use of equipment

Kettles and their use

Thermos flasks and their use

Nalgenes and their use


Energy and nutritional content of foods

Hiking food test 2022 – 200 hiking food bags and six manufacturers in the test

What if the food doesn’t taste good in two months?

5. Expedition Electricity System

Electronics at the cutting edge

Electronics in upper mountain camps Camp 1 – Camp 4

Computer at Base Camp

And then physics bills

Solar panels – 95% energy from the sun

Power banks

30 electrical appliances

6. Expedition Medical System

Healthy survival in Nepal – a small big challenge

Seven times sick

Covid, 39 C fever and vomiting sickness at 5000 meters for 7 days

Fourth food poisoning

Five times in the hospital in Finland and half a year of antibiotics

Helicopter evacuations, only in good weather


Field hospital at an altitude of 5350 meters


Four kilogram medical backpack

(I will publish the content later)

200 gram medical kit

Ueli Steck’s Annapurna medical kit