Mountain Weather in the Himalayas

I’ll finish writing an article on mountain weather in the Himalayas as I prepare for my next mountain climb.

Winter and JetStreams in the Himalayas

-60 C frost effect is too cold for humans



It’s too cold to peak in April

Monsoon season and Avalanches in the Himalayas

The monsoon season comes from the south

First to Nepal, then to China and Pakistan

The water falls as snow and ends the mountaineering season

The feeling when a meter of snow falls in four hours

4 to 11 day weather window

When winter turns to summer, a weather window of 4 to 11 days opens up

According to statistics, April 23rd is the best for peaking

Ready for climax on May 10

Weather Forecasting System

Mountain Weather


Weather Service

1. Jet Streams

Winter turns into the monsoon season in the Himalayas


Temperature – frost


Protection from the cold Jet Stream

Staying in motion

Cooking in a tent

Modular 6L layer dressing

Arctic survival skills

2. Snow Storms in the Himalayas

Later I will share my two stories of survival in Himalayan blizzards

Impossible climb down. The Big Snow Storm at 7100 m altitude on Mount Everest, Lhotse Wall, 45 degree.
This picture tells a lot surviving: 1) I use a stove inside of tent, because I try to warm the tent (don’t try at home (!!), because monoxide poisoning), 2) the windows of the tent are closed, because the Big Himalaya Snow Storm, 3) I have insulated tent wall by extra mattress, because cold wind, 4) GoPro didn’t take videos, because it was too cold for GoPro (!!), 5) I have just became in, because I am not yet inside of the sleeping bag. I had six layers clothes and sleeping bag.
Winter Survival Skills are crucial in Himalayas. In the middle of the Snow Storm at 7100 m I built a snow cave and rescued inside 4 meter cave.

3. Snowfall and Avalanches


Avalanches in the Himalayas are big

If the entire slope collapses, then it’s Game Over – even Detached houses would be left behind

Based on the old traces, you can judge the future

Factors that trigger avalanches

Death Zones

Strategic choices

You can always stay home

After snowfall, you have to wait 2 – 3 days before moving

The monsoon season ends the mountaineering season in the Himalayas