Lapponia Ski Event, Olos 2024, week 15

Training place for cross country teams

Olos is one of the more unknown fells in Finland, but it has been popular with cross-country teams for decades thanks to its varied terrain. Every spring, Finland’s most durable men and women compete in a series of three skiing competitions: Keimiön Kiekerö 60 km, Himmelriik skiing 50 km and Karra Huikonen 80 km. In the scenery of the picture above, over the fells of Pallas, we ski 80 km from Enentekiö via Pallas to Olos, which is, in my opinion, the most beautiful ski route in the world.

You can also go with me to the Pallas and Olos landscapes on the Pallas Nordic Skiing 2024 ski trip, where we ski from one fell to another over the course of five days, take a sauna, eat, sleep and continue to the next fell the next day. Ski backpacks travel by Jeep from one fell to another. Trail Running-style skiing has never been done before in Finland, next winter we will start Trail Running cross-country skiing.

Lapponia Ski Event

Free ski school for children

Ski maintenance on the days in between

Beverage service on race day

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