Arctic Survival Skills

Pallas, Finland.

Living in the middle of the ice and snow

I have lived in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Alps in the middle of ice and snow. It’s not enough, if you stay inside and watch Netflix and eat popcorn, or move by warm car from place to other. If you want to get excellent Winter Survival Skills, you have to suffer. It’s better to suffer and move your comfortable line a little bit time after time than freeze without skills. Arctic skills doesn’t mean who can suffer without clothes. It means, you know exactly what to to and quickly. You make just the right decisions. Then there is not time to small talk.

Survival Skills

Snowcaves, warm clothes, moving, cooking and wind protection (tent) in storms, every kind of skiing and scrambling, ice climbing and snow storm gear tests above of treeline in Finland, Norway and the Alps

I have learnt many years in Special Forces and my own arctic skiing treks in Finland, surviving courses, gear and man tests in the Alps, and experiences in Himalaya snow storms. I have studied “Swiss Machine” Professional Annapurna South Face Solo climber Ueli Steck’s survival skills, small details, and developed my own survival skills in the middle of the huge snow storm at 7100 m in Himalayas. I had three options to survive.