Pallas Nordic Skiing, the Arctic 2024


The world’s finest cross-country ski trip

A new kind of opportunity to ski a 200 km long cross-country ski trip through the world’s most amazing ski resorts while carrying your ski backpack in a Jeep, 3 nights on the way

Ski tour Enontekiö – Pallas – Olos – Ylläs – Levi 200 km

Pallas’ ski trip is a truly wonderful ski trip through Finnish ski resorts

Skate skiing, cross-country skis

Week 14, Mon – Fri, 8 – 12 participants

We will meet in Enontekiö on April 1. at 5 p.m., where we eat dinner, oil our skis and stay together. The skiing departure is after breakfast from Enontekiö on April 2. at 9

The price includes ski maintenance (LF) upon departure and, if possible, in the middle, a joint wonderful ski trip between the world’s finest cross-country skiing centers from one ski center to another, daily transport of the ski backpack by car and, if possible, drink service on the way. Join us on the first 200 km ski trip through Finland’s most wonderful ski resorts.

Other costs: accommodation and food

Stays and saunas 1 night/destination: Enontekiö, Pallas, Olos, Ylläs, Levi Monday – Saturday

Meals dinner and breakfast / destination: Enontekiö, Pallas, Olos, Ylläs, Levi Monday – Saturday

Cross-country skiing excursion with the Trail Running concept

Register as soon as possible. I book accommodation, saunas, meals and a driver. Registration is possible on April 1. until, if there is accommodation.

During the winter, I will find out the accommodation, sauna and meal prices for 10 customers.

Pallas Nordic Skiing, the Arctic 2024

Pallas Nordic Skiing, Finland, 200 km

Hetta – Pallas – Olos, Middle Range, Best time from Mid-February to Mid-April, the second best time from Mid-August to the end of September, 5 days