Halti Nordic Skiing, the Arctic 2024

Ski trip from Kilpisjärvi to Halti and back

A 100 km long cross-country ski trip on a traditional route from Kilpisjärvi to Halti and back in the world’s finest ski wilderness with a snowmobile pulling ahead of the track and traveling with your ski bag

Ski trip along the Kalotti route Kilpisjärvi – Halti – Kilpisjärvi 100 km

The Halti ski trip is a very demanding wilderness skiing trip to the top of Finland and back

Classic skiing style, cross-country skis

Week 16, Mon – Fri, 8 – 12 participants

We will gather in front of Kilpisjärvi hotel on April 15. at 5 p.m., where we eat dinner, oil our skis and stay together. We will do it on the first day, 16.4. a light training run skiing 20 km around Saana. The skiing departure for Halti is 17.4. after breakfast from Kilpisjärvi at 6 in the morning and return to Kilpisjärvi by 6 p.m., then to the sauna, eat and sleep in the lands after 100 km of Halti skiing.

The price includes ski maintenance (LF) upon departure, a joint wonderful ski trip, demanding wilderness skiing to the top of Finland and back, free ski slab pulling by snowmobile, snowmobile maintenance on the way, carrying a ski backpack by snowmobile and the possibility of evacuation by snowmobile, the ski trip cannot be equated with, for example, the Ylläs – Levi skiing of the ridden trail networks. The weather can change in an instant, making snowmobile maintenance a safety issue. There is one spare day in the program if we have to make changes due to the weather. If necessary, we take shelter from the weather in the desert huts, which are located every 10 km on the Kalotti route. Come join the good-natured skiing group!

Other costs: accommodation and food

Accommodations and saunas: 4 nights Mon – Fri at Kilpisjärvi hotel

Meals dinner and breakfast: Monday dinner – Friday breakfast

I book accommodation, saunas, meals and a snowmobile, snow groomer and snowmobile driver. Registration is possible on April 1. until, if there is accommodation.

During the fall of 2023, I will find out the accommodation, sauna and meal prices for 10 customers.

During the trip, you will hear why Halti is more demanding to conquer than more mountains.

There is enough to tell about this trip!