Trail Running – Top 7 in the World

Inca Trail Running, South America 2025





The Wave Trail, North America 2026





GR20, Corsica, Mediterranean Sea 2024





Tour du Mont Blanc, the Alps 2024





Haute Route, Chamonix – Zermatt, the Alps 2024





Rando-Lofoten, the Arctic 2025





Pallas Nordic Skiing, the Arctic 2024








Trail Running 2024

Glacier Park, USA. Last fall, check out Montana’s mountain running opportunities.

Do you want to go running and hiking on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the GR20 to Corsica or an adventure on the Rando-Lofote route?

Come along with your friend, I organize unique running trips to great running destinations. Mountain runs and adventures are an experience that will not be repeated. Sign up for a mountain running trip.

The challenges of mountain running are different. From summiting Island Peak to kayaking in the canyons and from the messy and fun adventure in the mist of Rando-Lofoten to an Inca trek into the jungle. Sometimes you have to drink tea and acclimatize, in other places you have to orient yourself by asking the locals for advice. However, I’ll keep you covered all the time and make sure everyone has dry socks on and a pillow under their head. Everyone gets home from mountain adventures.

On the big trips in the Himalayas, South America and Africa that require acclimatization, we hike with a light backpack, but with mountain running shoes you can keep pace on the trails. In mountain runs, the downhills are run and the uphills are hiked with running poles. However, no one misses the trip, because I gather the group at the next mountain hut. On longer mountain runs, you can sometimes take a day off. In the Alps, it is possible to transport large backpacks by Jeep from one mountain hut to the next, so there is more running. Rando-Lofote and GR20 go on an adventure, if you have to survive, then warm up by the campfire on the shore of the fjord.