Expedition Design 2027 – 2028

Mount Everest is still the highest summit in 2024.

Come Back

After the 1st Everest Expedition I was long time sick, five times in hospitals, and finished sports in 2022.

I was created mountaineering skills many years and I had a lot of gears around the world. Thank for God, I got the new change to come back. In February 2023 I didn’t feel sick. I started to sport, only 5 hours in week. And more and more. I decide to test my health a half year, and then I will do the decision to continue or stop.

Now it’s July, and I have had a good testing period in June and July. I haven’t done so much sport in the last year after Everest Expedition, but it’s surprise the power and running test results haven’t decreased!! Without fitness it’s impossible to climb the most dangerous mountains in the world, and I am happy, because it’s still possible, after hard work and new skills.

New skills and more sport

I decide to get many kind of new skills etc.: paragliding, mountain filming, bigger storage in Finland and Alps (it helps to sport training and logistics in the next years), coming back to Alps, three months in the Rocky Mountains, ice climbing in Italy and new webshop with Business partners, Trail Running Business etc. I don’t have time to write book or Magazine now, but I booked some domains. I am not sure which one project I should completed first – The North Face of Alps, or Everest Without Oxygen? I need the Luck too.

Anyway, it’s coming more sport. And that’s nice. Well-Being and relaxed mind is better than sitting and writing.

The next attempt – Sea to Summit

I am doing the decision to start preparations of the 2nd Expedition. I have to get a little bit money (a lot of Business) and a lot of sport (a small adventures in Alps and Rockies). Gears are ready in Nepal. The point is when and what kind of Style?

The goal is same. It’s still there. I mean Everest. I should decide the Style: Speed Climbing, Solo, Sea to Summit or Alpine Style, alone or with someone. I do decisions step-by-step, and now it’s time to move to the Alps, start paragliding and get better shape.