Levi 2025, week 7

Finland’s most versatile ski resort

Levi has Finland’s longest cross-country ski slope

Levi has Finland’s longest cross-country ski slope, where it’s good to compete in a slide on one ski. If you stay upright for 2 kilometers, I’ll offer donut chocolates. Levi has good first-snow pistes and quite a lot of flat pistes, which is a plus if you are just starting out in skiing.

Levi should get a 700-meter ski bridge over the center

Levi’s slopes are ridden more often than Ylläki’s, but in my opinion Levi’s cross-country skiing opportunities should be developed. I have often thought that a 700-meter-long ski bridge should be built over the center of Levi to a height of four meters, which would connect the slopes to each other. At the same time, it would serve as a wonderful competition stage for big skiing events.

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