Island Peak 6189 m Expedition 2025

Himalaya High Altitude Adventures

A unique opportunity to climb mountains with a Sherpa

Island Peak is a mountain over 6,000 meters high, for which you need to prepare well. The most important thing is long enough acclimatization and good physical condition. If you feel sick or have symptoms of mountain sickness, you shouldn’t go to the top. Island Peak is technically relatively easy, but the height of 6189 m is really high. It is approached by a dry, snow-free trail, and Island Peak Base Camp is not far from the summit. There are no special dangers on the way to mountain climbing, but it is good to remember that all mountains are dangerous.

Compared to Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks, Island Peak is an excellent choice for the first Himalayan peak and is relatively safe. Mountain climbing is carried out with a Sherpa with a 1:1 guide ratio along the snow slope and snow ridge to the top and back to Island Peak’s Base Camp. Island Peak mountain climbing requires a permit and is subject to a fee. The climbing is carried out through a commercial company and the climbing fee passes through the Nepalese government back to the mountaineering companies and the Sherpas, who maintain the trails and logistics in the Himalayas.

Island Peak and Everest Base Camp Trek

Island Peak is an option of the Everest Base Camp Trek, the mountain trek to Everest Base Camp is an amazing experience in itself. If you leave Island Peak without climbing, you can enjoy the mountain air, take photos and drink tea. In the Himalayas, the weather is really sunny in April-May and usually completely rainless before the monsoon season, so you can get enough vitamin D and sun here.

I will write more about the mountaineering possibility of Island Peak later.

It is carried out in connection with the Everest Base Camp mountain tour, on the way back.