Nordic Skiing in Finland

Sauna to the fire, and then skiing

It is said that Finns were born in a sauna with skis on. Skiing in the fresh freezing weather gives you a feeling of well-being, relaxation and calmness. Vigorous skiing raises your heart rate, so your body temperature rises and you focus on skiing. You have to get the skis to slide, and sometimes it’s good to stop to drink something warm from a thermos and exchange stories with your skiing buddies.

Ski technique coaching in Finnish Lapland

In a full-service ski school, I lubricate your success, we develop your skiing technique step by step for different skiing styles and in different terrain locations. We’ll watch technique exercises on video, and we’ll develop your skiing technique to a new level during the week, after which skiing will be even easier and more fun. I have been skiing competitively for 25 years and I know what things to focus on in skiing technique. If you want to come to Finnish Lapland for skiing training, contact us and we will agree where to meet.