Luosto and Pyhä 2024, week 10 – 11

Luosto has one of Finland’s finest cross-country ski tracks

Luosto has varied and versatile cross-country ski tracks, along which the kelo trees are the only ones standing upright among Lapland’s fells. Along the tracks, there are several flexibly functioning track cafes, where you can get doughnuts, coffee and cocoa. The ski route between Luosto and Pyhä is one of the best in the world, likewise the ski route around Luosto is wonderful in the sunshine and the other slopes vary nicely. As a cross-country skiing destination, I recommend Luosto especially for those who long for a peaceful vacation. Luosto is also suitable for competitive skiers who are looking for variability in their training conditions. The monastery has a spa and a few good restaurants.

Half an hour’s drive from Luoto, Pyhä has wonderful skiing slopes and forest skiing trips can be made in the direction of the Soutaja fell. The pair Luosto-Pyhä is perfect, combining one of the best skiing and cross-country skiing opportunities in Finland. This ski center is worth experiencing, skiing in Pyhä and cross-country skiing in Luosto.

If you want cross-country training in Luosto or Pyhä, please contact us.