Interlaken Trail Running 2024

Premium level mountain running journey

Alpine village in the middle of mountain lakes

Interlaken Trail Running is one of the most amazing places to run in the Alps. Two lakes and mountains create a unique mountain running destination that does not lack variety. We run and hike around the lakes and in the mountains.

Eiger North Face – Mountaineering Olympics 1936

Interlaken is becoming a new mountain running favorite in the Alps thanks to great trail running, kayaking and paragliding opportunities. The north face of the nearby Eiger mountain is home to the only Olympic mountain climbing competition in history, which has been made into the dramatic film The North Face, worth watching. Join us on a mountain adventure at the foot of the 3900 meter high Eiger mountain.

With premium level mountain running trips, the goal is the best possible quality

If necessary, I can also plan a mountain running trip in such a way that you can enjoy Interlaken’s hotel and restaurant offer, and we do 1-2 day trips up into the mountains. I will be in the Alps already at the end of May, so I can confirm your wishes for a mountain trip in advance. I check out Interlaken’s mountain trails and restaurant offerings before the mountain run, so I can offer the best quality to my clients. My goal is satisfied customers who recommend mountain running services to their friends. I am happy to receive requests even before the mountain running trip.

Interlaken Trail Running, 5 days, 700 €

Reception at Geneva (GVA) airport on July 6 at 10:00 a.m., from where there will be a guide to the destination.

Sports and mountain travel, Premium level mountain running in the Swiss Alps

70 km / 3 vkm, 2 – 20 participants