Matterhorn Trail Running 2024

Premium level mountain running journey

Matterhorn – the most beautiful mountain in the world

The Matterhorn is often called the most beautiful mountain in the world. The best way to enjoy the mountain scenery is to run on Zermatt’s trails or hike around the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn has two peaks and two names, Cervinio and Matterhorn. It has been the main stage of the golden age of mountaineering that ended in the 1850s, where two competing mountaineering rope teams started from different sides of the mountain at the same time towards the summit.

The Matterhorn, Cervinio in Italy, is an interesting large pyramid-shaped mountain that looks like a lion from the Italian side. From the Swiss side, the Matterhorn has ended up with Toblerone chocolate instead. There is a wonderful view of the Matterhorn from Breithorn, Europe’s easiest 4000m mountain, next to which you can reach 3800m with Europe’s highest ski lift, the Klein Matterhorn.

Zermatt – Alpine village in the heart of Switzerland

If Chamonix has backpackers, a mountaineering shop and a relaxed lifestyle, then in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, Zermatt stands out with fine hotels, restaurants and watch and chocolate shops. Zermatt is a sophisticated and precious Alpine village that can only be reached by environmentally friendly mountain train.

A Finnish experienced mountain running guide who knows the surroundings of the Matterhorn, Zermatt, Breithorn and Cervinio as a sports tour guide

The program of the Matterhorn mountain run can be modified according to the wishes of the customers. We can run and hike and stay in mountain huts on the Swiss or Italian side, or take day trips, take relaxing breaks and sleep in Zermatt hotels. I have been to Zermatt several times and have climbed the Matterhorn and run on the mountain trails around it, so I know how to apply mountain running according to the customers’ wishes in the direction they want.

With premium level mountain running trips, the goal is the best possible quality

If necessary, I can also plan a mountain running trip so that you can enjoy Zermatt’s hotel and restaurant offer, and we do 1-2 day trips up into the mountains. I will be in the Alps already at the end of May, so I can confirm your wishes for a mountain trip in advance. I go to explore Zermatt’s mountain trails and restaurant offerings before the mountain run, so that I can offer the best quality to my customers. My goal is satisfied customers who recommend mountain running services to their friends. I am happy to receive requests even before the mountain running trip.

Matterhorn Trail Running, 5 days, €700

Reception at Geneva (GVA) airport on June 29 at 10:00, from where there will be a guide to the destination.

Sports and mountain travel, Premium level mountain running in the Swiss Alps

70 km / 3 vkm, 2 – 20 participants, can also be implemented as a mountain hike according to your wishes