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Arctic Climbers

Arctic Climbers has been doing innovative climbing pioneer work in northern Finland since 2013. Under the leadership of physical education teacher Aki Rautava, who returned to northern Finland, Lapland’s climbers quickly became an active sports club.

Lapland is one of the best places to live in Finland for mountaineers and arctic hikers. The Lyngen Alps in Norway are about a six-hour drive, and the arctic conditions, including the northern lights, are in Sodankylä’s backyard. The best ice climbing place in Finland, Korouoma, is an hour’s drive away, and by woodcutter Aki and the municipality of Sodankylä, gun village also has one of the largest climbing walls in Finland in relation to the municipality’s population, as well as its own icefall in some winters. Arctic Climbers has versatile activities and many juniors, who we will hear about in the coming decades.

Arctic Climbers have been supporting my alpinism since 2013, and in the spring of 2023 I was presenting Everest mountain climbing at the 10th anniversary gala of the Arctic Climbers.


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