Excellent mountain running experience

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Mountain running experiences in the Alps

I offer unique mountain running experiences with an experienced mountain running guide who takes care of and encourages crossing big mountains. The mountain running store offers a variety of mountain runs for every sporty woman and man interested in mountain sports.

The feeling when you voluntarily wake up at five in the morning to watch the sunrise in the mountains of Italy, the feeling when you have just conquered a kilometer high mountain and there is a 15 kilometer downhill in front of you, or shared moments of laughter with Brazilians or Japanese people who share the same interest, to have mountain running experiences.

An excellent mountain running experience from an altitude of 1000 to 3300 meters

I have managed an organization of 200 people, run several Trail Running and mountain routes, and climbed mountains in the Alps and Himalayas. Leadership, mountain running and knowing mountain conditions are my strengths.

Endurance and running training

During the mountain runs, there is an opportunity to receive endurance and running coaching. During the week’s trip, you will get a lot of coaching information and skills for sports training. Downhill running technique is also a sport of its own, which I coach.

Local knowledge in Alpine villages and mountain routes

In the Alps, planning equipment for mountain routes and booking mountain huts takes time, which is now offered as a service. I have lived in the Alps for a few years, and moved daily in the mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland, so I know the local customs and can recommend suitable options. In the future, I will focus on developing my local knowledge of the service offer and mountain lodges of Swiss Alpine villages.

Mountain climbing stuff

On the way, you will hear several incredible mountaineering stories from the slopes of the mountains, if you like. My backpack can fit stories and plot twists for several trips, and more are coming all the time. However, on my customer trips, we don’t set out to survive, but safety and customer satisfaction are my most important goals.

Safety in the mountains

I will take care of you, like my own sheep in the mountains. If the sun is shining, we can run freely, but if a mountain storm strikes, I gather the team and we walk briskly to shelter from the heavy rain. Fortunately, the sun almost always shines in the Alps.

My mountain runs with me do not have the same risks as my mountain climbing trips. The biggest risks are spraining an ankle or falling on a downhill. Fortunately, the helicopter rescue service works well in the Alps. In France and Italy it is free.

How do I build a quality mountain run?

Read more about how I build a quality mountain run. Click on the Trail Running program in the online store, where you can get more information about your upcoming mountain run next summer. See also Top 7 mountain runs, where you can find the nicest and longest routes.