Management Experience, CV

Experience is the most important thing in the mountains and leadership.

Management, Business Management, Leadership

Army, 20 years

– Ranger Company Commander, 200 soldiers, 2 years, Excellent
– Special Forces, Airborne Rangers, Leader, 43 parachute jumps, 1 – 4 years, Excellent
– Ranger course, Swedish Army, Best shape, Excellent
– Arctic skills in the Arctic and in the Alps, Excellent
– Training troops to Afghanistan, Africa etc. operations 4 years
– Master, Art of War, Tactic, National Defence School, 4 years
– General Staff Officer, Licentiate level, Organisation Management and Human Leadership, 2 years
– I can manage big organization and lead troops in every kind of environments and situations

ICT Business Management, 3 – 4 years

– Business Management studies 1,5 years
– ICT startup (LTD) 1,5 – 2 years’ work
– Designing growing business in international environment
– Human Resources and Recruiting, good skills
– Digital and Social Media Marketing, good skills
– Financial Management, good basic skills
– Digitalization Management, good understanding
– Business Operations, good understanding
– Project Management, good skills
– Business Analytics, basic understanding
– ICT Infrastructure, basic understanding

International Mountain Sport Business

– Mountain and Outdoor Experience: Himalayas, Alps, Rockies, Arctic, 40 years
– Social Media, Website, Webshop and Magazine platforms
– Outdoor Services: Trail Running, Mountain Trekking, XC and Backcountry Skiing, Mountaineering, Survival Skills
– Webshop Products: Trail Running and Mountaineering gears
– Marketing, digitalization and financing

Growing Accommondation Company, two months

– I have found profitable and growing accommodation company in few weeks (LTD)

Gym Trainer and Sport Coaching, 2 – 3 years

– Elixia, GoGo, Solvalla Sport Institute, Orivesi Ski Club, Orivesi City, National Defence School, Army
– Gym, Skiing, Running

Language skills

– English, British and American, Good – Excellent, International Business, Alpinism, small talk
– French, 1000 words
– Finnish, Native
– Swedish, Good


– Super determined, straight
– Interaction skills 5/5, my bosses, 10 years
– Company Commander evaluation, Excellent (the assessment of my superiors)
– Open and social, good sense of humor
– Excellent knowledge of human nature
– Concentration
– Hard working like Finnish, powerful
– Intuitive and good skills to develope everything
– Excellent group working skills
– Excellent decision making skills
– Always honest
– Flexible, if need to work more, for example long days
– IQ 135…140, I learn quickly
– People wants to work with me
– I arriver meetings just in time